Look like you belong???

YAY!! Welcome to our squad of 2000+ women all dealing with hair loss, together!

Redefining Bald as Bold.
Monthly online events, dance parties, a true sense of community, & much more.
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The Baldtourage was created to bring together women, of all walks of life, of all ages, who can all relate to the pain, shame, loss, but also, the perks of hair loss at any level. After losing her hair in 2017, Christie has set out on a mission to normalize bald women. Christie & her friends used to be called 'The Blondetourage' when she was a blonde, so naturally when she became bald, she refers to her and her friends as 'The Baldtourage.' The Baldtourage, by name, means a squad of bold women with hair loss who are living their best lives!

Here at The Baldtourage we are redefining Bald as Bold.

Monthly Wine Nights!

Weekly Kids' Dance Classes!

Momma Meet Ups!

& Much More!