The Baldtourage X Hair Additions Hannah

Are you ready to glam up your life?! I swear a new wig can change how you feel about yourself!


Hair Additions Hannah has changed my life and can change yours too! From pony tails, to braids, to curly curls, and pin straight styles, these wigs are the BEST of the BEST... for the BEST of the BEST!

To inquire about purchasing a new wig, fill out the form below and you will be contacted within a few days!


My mission to normalize bald women, also means normalizing wearing wigs... who's with me?! A great wig can go a long way! Excited to be wig sistas with you!

Hannah is a member of Baldtourage herself so she truly understands how we feel & knows all the tips n tricks to make wigs look as real as possible!

She has been doing hair for 14 years now, has a huge heart, and is so talented!

To see more of Hannah's masterpieces, check her out on IG at @hairadditionshannah